Sunday, March 22, 2015

Stoic editorial

Finally this editorial has been published in Unfolded magazine, and I am happy that they have chosen one of my picture for a front cover of a magzine xx Open to new projects and collaborations and whoever would like to have new photos. Just drop me an email with a request and we can go from there:)

Photography: Thuy Pham / www.facebook.com/2ephotography
Model: Elaine N
MUA: Nafy Abdi / http://nafyabdi.com/
Hair styling: Marianna Faitos / http://www.mariannafaitos.com/
Styling: Jitka Mertova / http://www.jitkamertova.com/

Thursday, March 19, 2015


A late adoption of these trousers, but I love them. They are comfy and easy to combine with different styles. Bought them a while ago in sales, so it was an immediate purchase without thinking. What are your thoughts on this trousers shape trend? How would you combine them?

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lost Identity

Please to announce that my latest editorial "Lost Identity" was published on Estela Magazine. Have to thank to the amazing team that they have survived with me outside on that windy cold day when shooting this. Hope everybody likes the result xx

Photography: Thuy Pham / http://www.facebook.com/2ephotography
MUA: Stacey Anne / http://www.facebook.com/StaceySingerMUA
Styling: Fabiola Murueta Aldrete / http://www.fabiolamuruetaaldrete.com/
Illustration: Mily Mullin / http://milymullin.tumblr.com/
Model: Samantha @ Mutha

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


London is great with its street style. It offers amazing not only high end boutiques, but small local designer ones, vintage or cutting edge London one. I like to stroll around markets whenever I have time, especially love Brick Lane. Even though I won't be buying anything necessarily, the atmosphere, the vibe and those cute cafes are good enough to make a perfect Sunday here. Nearby Brick Lane you got Spitafield market, Petticot Lane or Columbia road. If you are not into vintage stuff and these kind of markets, there are variety of shops and boutiques around, make sure you'll go to Boxpark, All Saints or Urban Outfitters around.
Have you ever visited markets here in London?

Photos by Serosa

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Career Inspiration 6) Fashion Blogger

In the last interview I have speaked to girls from Theczechchicks.com about their blogging experience and how did they two end up together starting a blog. A topic that is something debatable lately a lot, the influences of bloggers in todays fashion world and everybody has a different perspective of it. Enjoy the interview, leave a comment with zour though on todays bloggosphere and/or what you wish to read next :)

1  1.   Introduce us a bit about yourself and your background.
Povězte nám něco o sobě.

Hanka -  27 let, narodila jsem se v Ostravě a v současné době žiju v Praze. Píšu módní blog Theczechchicks.com a spoluvlastním online eshop Bechick.com. Věnuji se take stylingu a poradenství.
Veronika – 28 let, narodila jsem se v Karviné, v současné době žiju v Praze, píši módní blog Theczechchicks.com a spoluvlastním eshop Becchick.com. Stejně jako Hanka se věnuji styling a poradenství.
Obě milujeme cestování, módu, dobré jídlo a kvalitní filmy. Ve volném čase rády čteme nebo se věnujeme našim čtyřnohým miláčkům.
Hana – 27 years old, I was born in Ostrava and now I live in Prague. I write a fashion blog Theczechcicks.com and I am a co-owner of e-shop Bechick.com. I do styling and consulting as well.
Veronica – 28 years old, I was born in Karvina and now I live in Prague, I write a fashion blog Theczechcicks.com and I am a co-owner of e-shop Bechick.com. Same as Hana, I do styling and consulting.
Both of us love to travel, fashion, good food and quality movies. In our free times we like to read or we are taking care of our pets.

2  2. What are you doing apart from blogging?
Co děláte/čemu se věnujete mimo blogování?

Vlastníme eshop Bechick.com, připravujeme vlastní kolekci, pracujeme pro jiné firemní blogy, věnujeme se take styling, marketing a poradenství.
We own e-shop Bechick.com, we are preparing our own collection, we are working for other company’s blogs, styling, marketing as well as consulting.