Thursday, May 28, 2015



Some casual photos taken in a beautiful huge green house back in Copenhagen. Stayed there and walk around every builduing until it stops rain. Lucky we. By the way, have you maybe spotted that I have cut down my hair? (since couple posts ago?) 

Nějaké ležérní fotky z krásného skleníku když jsme byli v Kodani. Zustali jsme tu a obcházeli jsme různé místnosti po celou dobu než přestalo pršet. To jsme měli ale štěstí. Mimochodem, všimli jste si, že jsem si zkrátila vlasy? (už od nějakých článků zpět?)

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Amsterdam photo diary


If you follow me on facebook, instagram or blog, you might have notive that couple weeks ago I was in Copenhagen and straight to the plane to Amsterdam bound. It was a crazy week with lack of sleep but I enjoyed it and did it. This is my final year at university, and May is the month when everything gets crazy (in terms of assignments, dissertation, exams, thinking about future and million of little things). So I think a week getawat help me to release my stress a bit and to sort out some things. I have managed to do in advance my essays and works so I wouldnt feel so behind when I will arrive. However, I have brought my study materials and computer with my with the though of studying over there on evenings. Well, I did, maybe for 2-3 hours max in total for that week? :D

Our flights were in early morning, so I have to wake up early to catch a bus to the airport and to do the airport procedure (as we all know). The funny thing is that I have arrived from Copenhagen on friday morning (exhausted with limited sleep), went home to unpack, take my study stuff and head back to university for a lesson (for 2 lessons from 12 to 6pm!). Went home did some work, eat and sleep early because on Saturday I had to wake up at 3 to get ready for an Amsterdam bound.
So yes, that was pretty busy week. But it was worth it.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Sailor colours


The weather is driving me crazy to be honest. One day is so so nice and the other day is raining and cloudy whole day. What is wrong with the weather this year? It's really hard to plan something when the weather is changing all the time. However, summer is approaching and can't wait to get out for some sunshine and sea. What are your summer plans? 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mr blanc teeth review *


You might be aware of all those teeth whitening products, laser whiteting and other procedures how to approach those american smile. Comment bellow if you have experienced anything and what are the results. It's always good to read others opinions and results before making a decision for which one to go. So here, I am with my (first?) beauty product review on Mr. Blank Teeth whitening strips supply for 2 weeks. You can easily purchase them online and you have an option of more weeks to try. 

Asi už jste slzšeli o těch produktů na zbělení zubů či laserem a nebo další způsoby jak dosáhnout k tomu Americkému úsměvu. Zanechte koment, jestli jste něco vyzkoušeli a jaký to měl účinek. Je vždycky dobré si přečíst nějaké hodnocení předem od lidí co si to vyzkoušelo, aby se nám zjednodušilo rozhodování. Tudíž zde píšu (své první?) beauty hodnocení na produkt od Mr. Blank Teeth bělicí pásky na 2 týdny. Můžete si je jednoduše zakoupit online a máte možnost zakoupit i zásobu na více týdnu na vyzkoušení.